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Episode 84: Flora Lichtman on Curiosity and WonderListen now (36 min) | Instead of sweating the small stuff, what if we honor the small stuff–with curiosity, with wonder. In this episode of Emerging…
Flora Lichtman on creative approaches and collaboration
Episode 83 Bonus: David Epstein Does a Little DanceListen now (22 min) | In this bonus episode, bestselling author David Epstein talks about priming the work day with “paying yourself first,” what he…
Episode 83: David Epstein on Cultivating an Experimental Attitude Listen now (36 min) | One of the best ways to support your creative practice? Try new things. In this episode, David Epstein, author of the New York…
Author David Epstein on how (and why) to become curioser and curioser
Episode 82 Bonus: Creative Pleasures with Brad Aaron ModlinListen now (14 min) | How can you invite pleasure to be a part of your creative practice? In this bonus episode with professor and poet Brad Aaron…
Episode 82: Changing Up Your Creative Practice with Brad Aaron ModlinListen now (28 min) | What kinds of creative habits work best for you? How do different practices bring out a new flavor or new thrill in your art? We…
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