Episode 19: Creativity and COVID-19 with Peter Heller


When life gets difficult, how do we bring our best selves to meet it? That’s one of the questions we ask in this episode of Emerging Form. We continue our miniseries on creativity and COVID-19 by interviewing Peter Heller, author of The Dog Stars, a best-selling post-apocalyptic novel in which the main character has survived a global pandemic. It’s a little close to home--and we talk with Heller about how it feels to have life now mimic his book. We also talk about some of the silver linings of shelter in place, how Heller weaves poetry into his novels, his most recent books The River and The Orchard and what he’s working on now in his Denver writing studio. 

Heller is the author of seven books. He holds an MFA in poetry and fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, is a former longtime contributor to NPR, and has been a contributing editor at Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, and National Geographic Adventure.

Order Peter’s books from your local independent bookstore here.