Episode 21: Craig Childs on life in the pandemic


Hula hooping story tellers on street corners? That’s one topic of discussion in this episode of Emerging Form, part of our miniseries on how creatives are responding to the pandemic. We speak with our friend, author and adventurer Craig Childs, whose new book, Virga and Bone: Essays from dry places, is a celebration of the primacy of land. We talk about the pleasures and challenges of staying in one place, postcards to our pre-pandemic selves, what earthquakes have in common with pandemics and also how to place our present predicament in big time--both future and past. We talk about how cultures repeat themselves, how to move forward, and how to welcome what comes. 

Craig Childs

Virga and Bone: Essays from Dry Places

Craig’s postcard to his 2010 self on Last Word on Nothing

Christie’s postcard to her 2010 self at Last Word On Nothing

Rosemerry’s poem on resilience 

Christie's 100-mile habitat project

Rose Eveleth’s Flash Forward episode: Imagine Better Futures