Feb 16 • 14M

Episode 81 Bonus: Kinds of Stuck with Florence Williams

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Emerging Form is a podcast about the creative process in which a journalist (Christie Aschwanden) and a poet (Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer) discuss creative conundrums over wine. Each episode concludes with a game of two questions in which a guest joins in to help answer questions about the week's topic. Season one guests include poets, novelists, journalists, a song writer, a circus performer, a sketch artist and a winemaker.
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Have you noticed there are different kinds of stuck? We talk about two of them with author Florence Williams. We also talk about the importance of being uncomfortable as you create, and how heartbreak might offer a doorway into a new relationship with your creative practice.

Florence Williams is a science journalist, author, podcaster and speaker. Her bo…

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