Emerging Form
Emerging Form
Episode 100! In which we reflect on our first 100 episodes

Episode 100! In which we reflect on our first 100 episodes


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Wow, it’s been a minute! Today’s episode is number 100, and we use the occasion to reflect on the origins of Emerging Form and how it has evolved since February 21, 2019 when we released episode 1. (We have been releasing bonus episodes every other week since episode 10, which means that this is actually episode 190!!)

We also discuss what we’ve learned how doing the podcast has enriched our lives and our friendship.

Episodes mentioned:

Ep 2: Is talent necessary with Jenn Kahn

Ep 76 Bonus Chris Duffy on Differentiating Between You and Your Ideas

Ep 28 The daily grind with Holiday Mathis

Ep 9: how should we think of awards and contests (live show!)

Ep 82 Bonus: Creative Pleasures with Brad Aaron Modlin

Ep 57: How play can fuel creativity with Catherine Price  (and #45 protecting your creative time)

Ep 88: Emily Scott on the art of performing

Ep 19: Creativity and COVID-19 with Peter Heller

Ep 79: Lauren Fleshman on Telling Her Story to Create Social Change

Ep 40: Envy, with Cheryl Strayed

Ep 74: T.A. Barron on the Magic of Stories

Ep 93: Melissa L. Sevigny

Ep 77 Bonus: Aaron Abeyta ep. 77 bonus  

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Emerging Form
Emerging Form
Emerging Form is a podcast about the creative process in which a journalist (Christie Aschwanden) and a poet (Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer) discuss creative conundrums over wine. Each episode concludes with a game of two questions in which a guest joins in to help answer questions about the week's topic. Season one guests include poets, novelists, journalists, a song writer, a circus performer, a sketch artist and a winemaker.